Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube
Release date [1] July 22, 2004

[2] October 11, 2004 [3] November 12, 2004 [4] November 18, 2004 [1]

Genre RPG
ESRB: [5] - Everyone
PEGI: [6] - Three years and older
CERO: [7] - All ages
Mode(s) Single player
Input GameCube:[8]Nintendo GameCube Controller

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (known as Paper Mario RPG in Japan) is the second installment in the Paper Mario series. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004. The plot of the game revolves around Mario, who embarks on a mission to collect the seven Crystal Stars in order to open the Thousand-Year Door. After hearing that Princess Peach has gone missing, Mario must also set out on a mission to rescue her from the friends that have kidnapped her. The game involved intermissions between each chapter, in which the player could play the role of Bowser, as well as Peach, who have their own sides of the story while the main plot continues to unfold. This game, much like its predecessor, Paper Mario, is divided into eight chapters, as well as a prologue.


[hide] *1 Plot


Prologue: A Rogue's WelcomeEdit

[9][10]The game's title screen.[11][12]Mario and Goombella about to be jumped by the X-Nauts.The adventure begins when Princess Peach goes on a cruise with her steward, Toadsworth. The two arrive in Rogueport, the home of rogues and thieves. Peach slips away from Toadsworth and meets a mysterious hooded woman, who persuades her to buy something. After a moment of thinking, Peach sees a box which she describes "pretty". The hooded woman says it is a box with a map to a legendary treasure. She claims that the chest can only be opened by "one with a pure heart." and explains that a person such as herself cannot open the chest. She states that if Peach can open it, she can have whatever is inside. The Princess eagerly opens the box and discovers that it contains a Magical Map. This is all shown in the introductory title screen. After the player creates a new file, it shows Mario's House. Parakarry, delivers a letter. Luigi goes outside the house and takes the letter out of the mailbox and returns inside. He tells Mario that a letter from Princess Peach arrived. Luigi reads the letter to Mario. After reading the letter, Luigi gives Mario the Map. Mario looks at the map and nods.

As Mario reaches Rogueport, he immediately finds trouble. The Princess is nowhere to be found, and a mysterious group - called the X-Nauts - are attacking a female Goomba named Goombella. After being beaten by Mario, Lord Crump directs a swarm X-Nauts to attack the two. Mario and Goombella escape in the confusion, and enter the main section of town. Goombella introduces herself, and explains that she is an archeology student under Professor Frankly, and attends the University of Goom. Mario goes to Professor Frankly's house and shows him the map; the Prof. then explains the legend tied to it. The map is connected to a massive gateway in the Rogueport Sewers - the legendary Thousand-Year Door. The door is rumored to contain a great treasure. However, a powerful seal holds the gate in place. The keys to the door are the seven Crystal Stars. If held before the door, the map has the power to reveal where the Stars lie. Frankly reasons that if the Princess is looking for the Crystal Stars, then the map will eventually reveal her location. Afterwards, the three enter the sewers, and encounter a mysterious Black Chest Demon, who "curses" Mario, giving him the ability to fly as a paper airplane. Mario uses this power to reach the Thousand-Year Door and holds the map in the air, revealing the location of the first Crystal Star.

Chapter 1: Castle and DragonEdit

[13][14]Mario and his partner encountering Hooktail.

[15][16]Petalburg.After the visit to the Thousand-Year Door, Mario and Goombella show the map to Professor Frankly, who reveals that the castle upon it is in the same vicinity as Petalburg, a village that is home to many pacifistic Koopa Troopas and Toads. Mario and Goombella travel to the small town and discover that a large, red dragon - Hooktail - lives inside the castle, and that the villagers live in fear of her. Mario and Goombella must pass through the fuzzy-infested Shhwonk Fortress and play a quiz game to earn the Stone Keys before they can enter the castle of the dreaded dragon. As they pass back through Petalburg, one particular Koopa - named Koops - asks to travel with Mario, as he wishes to avenge his father, Koopley, who vanished a decade ago after he traveled to defeat Hooktail. Mario agrees and Koops joins the party. Once the three arrive at Hooktail Castle, they bypass her traps and learn her secret weakness: she cannot stand the sound of crickets. With help from Ms. Mowz and another Black Chest Demon, (which lets Mario become paper-thin, allowing him to slip between cracks), they encounter Hooktail in her lair. She fights the group, but in the end, she falls. Hooktail coughs up Koops's Dad, who has retrieved the Diamond Star from within Hooktail's stomach. Father and son are at last reunited and, as a token of his undying dedication, Koopley hands the Diamond Star to Mario.

After the battle with Hooktail, the scene moves to an unknown location (later known to be the X-Naut Fortress on the moon), where Peach is revealed to be kidnapped. She had been kidnapped by the X-Nauts and their leader, Sir Grodus. When an X-Naut tells Sir Grodus someone nabbed the first Crystal Star, Peach guesses that it was Mario, and accidentally blurts out his name. Grodus overhears this and decides to have his Shadow Sirens steal the map from Mario. Peach soon after meets TEC-XX, or TEC for short. He is the base's master computer, who later in the game, develops an interest in the Princess's concept of love, and asks for her help to understand it. The Princess agrees; in exchange, TEC lets her use his keyboard to send e-mail messages to Mario.

During another scene transition at Bowser's Castle, Kammy Koopa tells Bowser that Mario is hunting the seven Crystal Stars; Bowser decides that they sound like good "world-conquering tools", and wants them all to himself. Kammy also reveals that Peach had been kidnapped by someone else. Bowser is outraged at this and leaves for Rogueport to kidnap her back.

Back in Petalburg, the residents are amazed to see that Koops went from a nervous citizen to a brave warrior, and that Hooktail had been slain. As they head for the Thousand-Year Door, they receive an e-mail from Peach, who tells them she's been kidnapped and the people who kidnapped her are after the map she sent Mario. Mario and co. head back to The Thousand-Year Door and hold up the map to it. The next Star's location is revealed on the map and they visit Professor Frankly for details.

Chapter 2: The Great Boggly TreeEdit

[17][18]The Great Boggly Tree.The second Crystal Star is revealed to be in The Great Tree in Boggly Woods. Shortly after entering the area, Mario and Co. encounter the Shadow Sirens, who do not recognize him due to having lost a sketch of him given to them by Grodus. Ignoring the Sirens, the group continues. After reaching the Great Tree, Punio, whom the group had earlier met in Rogueport Sewers, reveals that it is inhabited by the Punies, a small race of creatures of which he is one. After realizing that the X-Nauts locked the door into The Great Tree, Punio suggests they find Madame Flurrie, a cloud spirit with the power over wind, to find the secret entrance. However, upon reaching her home, Flurrie reveals she had lost her necklace and doesn't want anyone to see her without it. Mario must then go back to the Shadow Sirens, who hold Flurrie's Necklace. They eventually find the sketch and recognize Mario. After defeating them and returning to Flurrie, the cloud spirit joins them in their quest. With Flurrie as their third party member, the group finds the secret entrance and enters the Great Tree to discover that the X-Nauts have imprisoned most of the Punies. With the aid of a special orb given to them by the Puni Elder, Mario must navigate traps, solve puzzles, and defeat the Jabbi tribe in order to free the imprisoned Punies and recover the second star, in the heart of the Tree. There, Lord Crump snatches it, and activates a five minute time bomb to blow up the tree. After chasing him to the entrance, where he is being held up by the Puni Elder, he stops the bomb and uses his Magnus von Grapple to fight the heroes, but is eventually defeated once again. Afterwards, the X-Nauts evacuate the tree and Mario and co. obtain the Emerald Star

At the X-Naut headquarters, the X-Nauts inform Sir Grodus that Mario has taken the Emerald Star. Grodus becomes infuriated. Meanwhile, TEC calls for the Princess, and asks her to dance with him. After some conflict, TEC creates a hologram of Peach as a dance partner. After Peach dances with the hologram, TEC is intrigued by the emotion he feels, and again lets Peach e-mail Mario.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Kammy are in Petal Meadows. After they make it through Petal Meadows in a side-scrolling segment, they arrive at Petalburg. Bowser spots what he believes to be Peach, and starts talking to "her", only to humorously find out it was a poster.

Back at the Great Tree, the Punies say goodbye to Mario and his team, telling them they can visit the tree at any time. As they move on, they receive another e-mail from Peach, who tells them that the X-Nauts are searching for the Crystal Stars and to be careful. Mario and his team head back to the door and once again present their map to it. With the next Star's location revealed, they once visit Professor Frankly for details about the area.

Chapter 3: Of Glitz and GloryEdit

[19][20]Glitzville.The third Crystal Star appears on a large arena in a floating town. To reach Glitzville, Mario and the gang must visit Don Pianta, ruler of the West Side of Rogueport. He offers them the ticket they need to reach Glitzville if they can find his missing daughter, Francesca, and his mobster Frankie. The two had run off to get married. When Mario convinces them to return, there is a bit of confrontation between the three, but eventually Don relents, lets the pair leave, and gives Mario the ticket he promised. [21][22]Rawk Hawk.Once Mario and his team arrive in Glitzville, they enter the Glitz Pit and spot the Crystal Star on the Champ's Belt, held by Rawk Hawk, the current champion. They decide that the best course of action is to sign up as a fighting team and become the champs themselves. Mario talks with the manager Grubba and his assistant, Jolene, and takes on the fighter name "The Great Gonzales" (in Japanese: 『じごくかちまた しょけいにん』グレート・ゴンザレス) Mario and his companions battle through the ranks and eventually gain a newborn Yoshi as a partner, but soon, a mysterious web of intrigue plays out: fighters vanish, cheating abounds, and a mysterious figure known only as "X" sends cryptic e-mails to Mario. The clues all reveal that the Star on the belt is a fake — the real Crystal Star is being used by Grubba, its magic fueling a power-draining machine that he uses to keep himself strong. After Mario & co. find out his plans, they chase him into the arena, where he transforms into Macho Grubba. However, the group overpowers him in the end. Following Grubba's defeat, Jolene reveals herself as the mysterious X, and explains that she was seeking her brother, Prince Mush, who was the former champion and another victim of Grubba's machine. Suddenly, the Gold Star, appearing out of the machine, uses its power to bring back Prince Mush, and Jolene gives it to Mario, to prevent such an event from ever happening again.

At the X-Naut base, TEC asks Peach to go ask Grodus a question relating to his plans. She is surprised, since TEC has never questioned Grodus's authority before. The Princess goes undercover in an X-Naut disguise and learns that Grodus is plotting to use the Crystal Stars to take over the world. TEC allows her to send this message to Mario, and continues thinking about the Princess once she leaves.

Meanwhile, Bowser is searching for one of the Crystal Stars in the Great Tree, though he has absolutely no luck.

Back at the Glitz Pit, Mario tells the fighters and Jolene that he is retiring. They give him their thanks and say good bye. As Mario and company head for the Thousand-Year Door, they receive another message from Peach, telling them that the X-Nauts are planning to conquer the world. Mario and his companions return to the door and present their map before it. The next Star's location is revealed and they go visit Prof. Frankly for details.

Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell TollsEdit

[23][24]Creepy Steeple's front yard.Mario and his party learn that the fourth Crystal Star is located in the Creepy Steeple. Professor Frankly tells them that it is located near a small, dim village known as Twilight Town. Mario learns from a Twilighter in Rogueport, named Darkly, that he must have something with his name written on it, or the pipe leading there will not let him through. When Mario tells him that he does not have anything with his name on it, he writes Mario's name on the seat of his pants, allowing passage through the pipe. [25][26]The strange boss with an unknown name.When Mario & co. get to Twilight Town, they discover that the village is under a curse. A monster lives in the Creepy Steeple, and rings a bell there every so often. Each time the bell is rung, a citizen transforms into a pig. Using a new Black Chest Demon power that lets Mario turn into a rolling paper tube, the group travel across the Twilight Trail and reach the steeple. After releasing some Boos and solving puzzles, they soon meet the monster, who is revealed to be a Duplighost. During the battle, the monster uses an attack to steal Mario's name and body, transforming the plumber into a shadowy version of himself. Mario's partners claim the Crystal Star and leave with "Mario", who is really the Duplighost in disguise. Meanwhile, the shadowy Mario returns to Twilight Town, after learning that the monster will only transform back if Mario can guess his name. While there, he bumps into Vivian, one of the Shadow Sirens, who had been ditched by her sisters. With her help and after listening to a bird in a secret room, he discovers that the monster's name is Doopliss. After guessing his name, Doopliss retreats to Creepy Steeple. Mario chases him and they fight once more. After discovering that she was helping Mario, her enemy, Vivian leaves. However, she suddenly reappears and announces that Mario offered her more kindness than her sisters ever did, and joins him permanently. The two defeat Doopliss and reclaim the Ruby Star. [27][28]The Parrot who reveals the monster's name.At the X-Naut base, TEC asks the Princess to participate in a sort of "quiz show" with him. She agrees, and he strangely demands that she answer every question, at any cost. By doing this, she discovers the true "treasure" of the Thousand-Year Door — the soul of an evil demon. The Crystal Stars also work as keys in both ways — they can be used to unlock the door, and can also lock the demon away. The Princess sends this news to Mario, and wonders why TEC revealed this crucial information.

Meanwhile, the hapless Bowser continues his quest for Crystal Stars by flying up to Glitzville in his Koopa Clown Car. However, it malfunctions halfway there, and he must travel underwater to return to Rogueport, soaked and angry. It is also humorously revealed that Kammy made the trip just fine, as she returns to Bowser covered in balloons and souvenirs, much to the latter's dismay. Bowser, on the other hand, did not have "fun" while swimming, as he claims to have eaten a Blooper. He gets angry and orders Kammy to continue her research on the Crystal Stars.

Back in Twilight Town, Mario and his friends had explained to the townspeople of how Doopliss imitated Mario. The Mario who was taking all the credit for the end of the curse was an impostor and so, the townspeople apologize to Mario for the misunderstanding. Mario and his team head for the Thousand-Year Door, and receive a message from Peach, saying that the treasure is the soul of a 1000-year-old demon. Mario and his team return to the door and once again hold up the map to it. With the next Star's location marked on the map, they visit Prof. Frankly for details.

Chapter 5: The Key to PiratesEdit

The fifth Crystal Star is located deep within a pirate's lair on the southern island of Keelhaul Key. To reach the island, Mario recruits the aid of the fanciful Flavio and the crusty sea Bob-omb, Admiral Bobbery. After discovering Bobbery's sad past, Mario persuades him to sail with Flavio and his crew, one of whom is Lord Crump in disguise (known as "Four-Eyes"). [29][30]Keelhaul KeyOn their way to the island, Mario and his compatriots are attacked by Cortez's Embers, which shipwrecks them on Keelhaul Key. During the shipwreck, Four-Eyes, Admiral Bobbery, and a Green Toad were separated from the group. Undeterred, Mario and his friends venture deep into the jungles of the island. They find the three missing members of the group, only to be attacked by more Embers. Bobbery sacrifices himself, serving as a "distraction" in order to save them from the Embers. Mario and Co. return to Bobbery and help him defeat the attacking Spirits. However, Bobbery says he is close to death and wants Mario to bring him Chuckola Cola as his "final wish". Mario returns to Flavio to request a bottle of the Cola, who agrees to trade it for a coconut, as the cola is a "supply". Mario returns with Bobbery's last request, and he states would be happy to pass away since he and his former wife Scarlette would be reunited, before falling asleep. After Mario wakes him, Bobbery joins Mario's party and they return to the group. [31][32]Cortez and his crew turn out to be great allies. After being voted off to search for the treasure, Flavio temporarily joins Mario's team. With the aid of Bobbery and Flavio's Skull Gem, they eventually discover the entrance to the Pirate's Grotto. After solving some puzzles, Mario gains another ability from a Black Chest Demon: the ability to turn into a paper boat. He uses this power advance deeper into the Grotto and rescues many stranded Toads and the honeymooning Francesca and Frankie Pianta, and finally reaches the lair of Cortez. After a fierce battle, Cortez still refuses to give up his treasure, but Mario explains he is only after the Crystal Star. Cortez is shocked, but he relinquishes his Sapphire Star (because he "didn't like that gem anyway"). Afterwards, Lord Crump abandons his disguise and tells Mario that he will continue attacking him until he hands over the Crystal Star. Flavio and Mario return to Cortez's ship and give him the Skull Gem, allowing his ship to move once again. They use it to defeat the invading X-Nauts, who retreat, along with their leader.

In the X-Naut base, TEC has another surprising assignment for the Princess. Grodus has a disk of private information in his room, and TEC wishes to gain access to it. To this end, he helps the princess make an invisibility potion, which then allows her to infiltrate Grodus' room and upload the disk to TEC's network. After returning to normal, she returns to TEC, who promises to analyze the data. Peach then sends another e-mail to Mario.

Meanwhile, in Twilight Town, Bowser and Kammy Koopa run into Lord Crump, who is searching for the powerful Superbombomb, dropped by the Shadow Sirens. The three get into an argument, Bowser assembles the Koopa Troop, and Crump calls the X-Nauts. Before the battle can start, however, Bowser inadvertently ignites the Superbombomb, destroying both armies.

Back at Keelhaul Key, Cortez ferries Mario and his teammates to Rogueport (and back, later on) on his ship, since Cortez sees him as "worthy" in battle. Mario gets an e-mail from Peach, telling them about what TEC is analyzing. Mario and his team make their way to the door and present their map to it. The next Star's location is marked on the team's map and visit Prof. Frankly for information.

Chapter 6: 3 Days of ExcessEdit

[33][34]Mario meets the Smorgs.The sixth Crystal Star is in the Poshley Sanctum of Poshley Heights. The only way to reach the town is on the famous Excess Express — and the only way to obtain tickets is through the mob connections of Don Pianta. However, Don is sick with worry over his missing daughter Francesca, and cannot grant any favors. After Mario rounds up the couple on Keelhaul Key, they return and DonPianta decides that it is time to retire and leaves the family buisness to Francesca and Frankie, and gives Mario the ticket promised. [35][36]Pennington, the Penguin with the Improbably Large Brain.Once on the beautiful train, Mario and his team become swept up in mysterious happenings, including thefts, threatening messages, and the dangerous Nitro Honey Syrup. With the help of Pennington, a penguin detective, they manage to solve the crimes, capturing a fake Zip Toad who was really Doopliss in disguise. On their second day of travel, a stop at Riverside Station is necessary, and Doopliss escapes. On top of this, the drawbridge has been lifted, preventing the Excess Express from continuing its route to Poshley Heights. The gang enter Riverside Station and eventually flip the switch to bring the drawbridge back down. They discover that a group of Smorgs are behind it. The next day, a Smorg Miasma attacks the train. After a long battle, Mario and his friends defeat the creatrue, rescue the passengers, and finally reach Poshley Heights. They venture into Poshley Sanctum, a museum that happens to belong to Pennington. The Shadow Sirens (with new member Doopliss) are already inside, and snatch what appears to be the Garnet Star, on display on a podium in the rear of the museum. However, Pennington reveals that what they stole was a fake, and lets Mario find where the real Star is. After some exploring, Mario and friends reveal a pipe that leads into a painting behind the podium, where the real Garnet Star is found.

Back at the X-Naut base, the X-Nauts tell Grodus that Mario has six of the seven Crystal Stars. Grodus seems strangely calm about the situation. Meanwhile, TEC tells the Princess the extremely terrifying data he gained from Grodus's data disk: the X-Nauts plan to use her as a vessel to the demon behind the Thousand-Year Door. Incensed, TEC prepares to help Peach escape but Grodus enters with two X-Nauts and orders them to initiate the data-wipe procedure. TEC gasps out "I love you" to Peach just before he is shut down.

Later, Bowser learns that one of the Crystal Stars can be found through a passage in the Rogueport Sewers. He travels through it to reach the Crystal Star, and finally claims the treasure in a workout room. Unfortunately, the "Crystal Star" is the fake Gold Star on Rawk Hawk's belt. The fighter enters the room, and is very upset about Bowser breaking into his private "training facility", though he ends up being defeated by the Koopa King.

Mario and his team return to Rogueport and receive an e-mail from Peach, but the most of it is cut off due to TEC being deleted. Back in Rogueport, Mario and co. once again present the map before the Thousand-Year Door. The next Star's location is marked on the team's map and they go back to Prof. Frankly for details.

Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the MoonEdit

The last Crystal Star appears to be on the Moon. To reach the Moon, Mario and his companions travel to Fahr Outpost, which is populated by Bob-ombs, and use a cannon to shoot to the Moon. However, the Mayor tells the group that they must get permission from Goldbob back in Poshley Heights. He, in turn, tells them they must find the cannon's operator, General White. After tracking General White all over the map, he is eventually found resting in Fahr Outpost, and Mario & company enter the cannon and are shot to the Moon. [37][38]General White.[39][40]Mario in the X-Naut Fortress.On the Moon, Mario decides to explore, his actions no longer limited by gravity. Eventually, the group discovers the X-Naut Fortress, and must pass several tricky tests and electrical challenges to reach the heart of the lair. Once they arrive, Lord Crump appears, bragging about his latest creation — the Magnus von Grapple 2.0. After a long battle, Crump is defeated and is blasted into space, releasing the Crystal Star, the final stone in the game and the last key to the Thousand-Year Door.

Elsewhere, Bowser and Kammy reach Poshley Sanctum, and discover the glass Garnet Star that Pennington placed on the platform. They attempt to steal it, but are caught by Pennington. A Paragoomba flies in and alerts Bowser that Mario has collected every Crystal Star and is heading for the Thousand-Year Door, which contains a great treasure. Bowser announces that he will steal this treasure and defeat Mario.

As Mario and his allies prepare to leave, they discover that all of the doors have locked — they are trapped in the X-Naut Fortress. The heroes explore through the lair and discover TEC, who barely survived Grodus's order to purge his databanks. He recognizes Mario and tells him to rescue the Princess, activating an emergency transporter. The transporter teleports everyone into a previously inaccessible room in the Rogueport Sewers. After exiting this room, Prof. Frankly meets them at the entrance and urges them to open the Thousand-Year Door and find the Princess as soon as possible.

Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

After Mario has received all seven Crystal Stars, the time has come to open the Thousand-Year Door and enter the Palace of Shadow to rescue Princess Peach from Grodus.

The Palace itself is full of enemies, puzzles, and traps. Mario must use all of his allies' special powers and abilities to venture deeper into the depths of the palace. Eventually, the group discovers a black dragon named Gloomtail, older brother of Hooktail. The black dragon is outraged over his sister's death and engages Mario and his allies in battle. After being defeated, he relinquishes the key to the Riddle Tower. After solving the puzzles of the Tower, the group fights the Shadow Sirens once again, and discover that the "Professor Frankly" that told them to open the door was actually Doopliss in disguise. After defeating the Shadow Sirens and Doopliss, Mario reaches the Throne Room, where he finally finds Sir Grodus, whom he defeats. Bowser and Kammy, who literally "drop in" unexpectedly, also battle Mario. Grodus uses this distraction to bring the Princess into the deepest part of the Palace. There, he opens a sealed coffin and frees the Shadow Queen, empress of darkness and the thousand-year-old demon soul mentioned by TEC. Beldam suddenly appears and announces that she was the one who orchestrated the plot to free her mistress. The Shadow Queen refuses to be controlled by Grodus, and fries him with a lightning bolt, supposedly killing him. The Queen then possesses Princess Peach, using her as a vessel to sustain her life. The world is covered in darkness, and everyone fears that the apocalypse has arrived. [41][42]The queen is unleashed.Mario and his allies fight the possessed Princess, but the Queen eventually decides to fight in her real form. She proves too much for the valiant group, becoming immune to their attacks. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of light emanates from Mario. The Crystal Stars react to the evil of the Queen and fly throughout the world, each returning to where they were found. The friends Mario made on his journey gather around the Stars and send the whole team their thoughts and prayers. Peach uses this distraction to give the heroes all of her power, healing them to full and allowing them to break through the Queen's invulnerability. Empowered, the heroes work together to permanently destroy the Shadow Queen, saving the world.

The heroes celebrate their happy ending and Professor Frankly reveals that there really was a treasure behind the Door after all — a Dried Shroom, proof that ancient civilizations a thousand years ago ate Mushrooms. After saying their goodbyes, Mario and Peach leave Rogueport.

Goombella later sends Mario a message, explaining what everyone has done: she works with Professor Frankly, while Koops plans on running for the office of Mayor of Petalburg. Flurrie has returned to the stage and enacts "Paper Mario" as her comeback smash (Doopliss plays the role of Mario). The Yoshi fights in the Glitz Pit as the "Great Gonzales Jr.", while Vivian has forgiven her sisters; the elder two vow to be kinder to her, and make a home in Twilight Town. Admiral Bobbery sails the seas with Cortez, and Ms. Mowz runs her Lovely Howz of Badges. Lord Crump, Grodus and the X-Nauts survived and are spending their time in Poshley Heights. TEC survived as well, and hopes to see the Princess again one day. The adventure ends when the Princess arrives with another treasure map — and the heroes are off once again.


In terms of gameplay, The Thousand-Year Door brings over the core mechanics of the N64 original and enhances them. Mario now has a voice used for jumping and attacking, and starts his adventure with a hammer. Action Commands can also be performed from the start. However, he has lost the ability to Spin Dash from the original game.

The partner system is also enhanced. Unlike the original, where partners had a simple fine/injured status system, this game gives partners their own Heart Points. As such, partners can fall in battle, and items such as the Mushroom can be used on them as well. Several partners are similar to ones seen in "Paper Mario", like Koops being the counterpart of Kooper, but generally have more abilities available. Timed moves are more abundant in this game. In addition, battles are set up on a stage, like a play; this greatly affects battles, and characters can interact with the audience and stage.

Paper AbilitiesEdit

[43][44]Mario as a paper airplane.Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door brings up new gameplay elements not present in the original Paper Mario game. Throughout the game, Mario finds four black treasure chests, which give Mario special abilities to use in the overworld. They all base on the Paper element of the game's graphics. With the first ability (called Plane Mode), Mario is able fold himself to a paper airplane at certain spots, allowing him to fly over large gaps. The second ability (called Paper Mode) allows him to turn sideways, making him as thin as paper, so that he can get through very narrow passages. With the third ability (called Tube Mode), Mario can roll himself up, allowing him to roll through low passages. With the fourth ability (called Boat Mode), he can fold himself to a paper ship at certain docks, allowing him to move over water. It is noticeable that, to use Tube Mode, Mario has to activate Paper Mode first, and then roll himself up.


[45][46]Mario wandering around in the background scenery.Another element introduced in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the background scenery, which is actually accessible for Mario through certain pipes. Several places which only appear in the background can be visited this way, some of which include Hooktail Castle, the Great Tree, the X-Naut Fortress, and Merlee's house in the Rogueport Sewers. This feature was carried over to the next game in the series, Super Paper Mario. Certain abilities are disabled here, however. Mario's partners cannot be used in the background, Mario cannot move to a different screen/area, and he also cannot walk past any houses or locations.


[47][48]Bowser in a platformer level.After each chapter, there is an intermission where the player is able to control Princess Peach, who is held captive in the X-Naut Fortress. The Peach intermission is followed by a Bowser intermission, a new addition in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Bowser usually visits the places Mario has been to one chapter before, and several missions include a side-scrolling platformer level in the style of Super Mario Bros.. In these levels, Bowser has the ability to breathe fire, and by using the only available item, the Meat, is able to radically increase his size, thus crashing everything in his way. While enemies like X-Nauts charge at Bowser, others like Goombas are actually scared by him and turn away when he approaches them. The levels are called 1-X, 2-X and 3-X in reference to the world numbering of Super Mario Bros., while X stands for the number of tries Bowser has used for the level. He has endless lives for the levels. They are set in the three basic terrains of Super Mario Bros.: Overworld, Underwater and Underground/Castle.

==Battle System==

Battles take place on a stage. In addition to the traditional turn-based combat, the characters on-stage interact with the scenery: sometimes the background will fall, damaging all characters on stage and possibly making them Dizzy, the audience helps Mario gain Star Power and also may throw items on stage, and lastly, some bosses even use the audience to their advantage. For example, Hooktail eats some of the audience to regain 10 HP, also causing all other audience members to flee, making it impossible to gain any Star Power. In addition, the battle shifts off-stage.

Attacking enemiesEdit

While Mario and his partners are battling enemies, they can attack enemies with extra power using the Action Command.

  • Countdown: Tilt and hold the control stick left, then release when the red light flashes.
  • Tricky Timing: Pressing A just before landing on Mario's opponent.
  • Aiming: Aligning a cursor in the center of the targeting reticule
  • Button Mania: Holding on to or repeatedly tapping a button or input an entire sequence.

Stylish Moves are extra commands to please the crowd more and gain more star power.


To perform a guard action command, one must press A or B when Mario's opponent is about to strike him. Guarding reduces the damage he takes from enemy attacks and help the player resist status effects. The player must time it right, though.

Guard: To perform a Guard move, the player must press A to dodge enemy attacks, reducing the damage they do by 1, and also protecting Mario from negative status effects. The player will have a 1/2 second to guard.

Superguard: To perform a Superguard move, the player must press B to dodge enemy attacks, negating the attack completely and sometimes damaging the attacker--generally a Superguard deals 1 damage to an enemy who attacks directly and none to foes who attack at range, but it does deflect Pokeys ranged attacks back at them. The player will only have a 1/4 second to superguard, making it more difficult to time than a regular guard.

Leveling UpEdit

Star PointsEdit

Every time Mario wins a battle, he'll earn Star Points. When Mario's Star Point Level gets up to 100, he'll choose whether to upgrade his Heart Points, Flower Points or Badge Points. Choosing HP and/or FP will raise Mario's HP or FP by 5 and choosing BP will raise Mario's BP by 3. Mario stops levelling up at 99, however it is very hard to reach this level because, starting from level 1, the Star Point Value for every enemy decreases by one with each level up. However, for every single battle, the player will always get at least one Star Point, unlike the first Paper Mario, where the player will never get any more Star Points after level 27.

Shine SpritesEdit

When Mario and co. collect Shine Sprites, Mario can give 3 of them to Merlon and Merlon will power up Mario's partners, increasing their HP and teaching them new moves. Getting the Up Arrow in Hooktail Castle will cause Merlon to remember he has an Ultra Stone which will allow Mario to power up his partners a second time, and Merlon will teach Mario's partners ultra-rank moves.

Star Power and the AudienceEdit

Main article: Audience

Every audience member.The Audience determines how much Star Energy Mario recovers. It consists of various enemies and allies, and sits and cheers as the group attacks. If Mario or his allies use the Appeal action or a Stylish Move, they will recover more Star Energy. The audience is even used by various bosses. Hooktail, Cortez, and the Shadow Queen all use the audience to restore their HP. Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 can also use members of the audience to attack by launching them at Mario and his partners.

The Audience occasionally takes active participation in the battles; some spectators throw helpful or hurtful items, while others may incapacitate other audience members, making Star Power recovery more difficult.


An icon will appear next to Mario's Star Power Gauge whenever the player successfully uses the Action Command of an attack. If the player has two matching icons and if the player executes an additional Action Command, Mario can take the Bingo wheel for a spin.

Mario's PartnersEdit

Throughout the game, Mario, just like the past game, uses partners. His partners have purposes in both the overworld and battle. They can be upgraded by Merlon by giving him 3 Shine Sprites. Every partner knows two moves when he or she joins the party, learns the third after being upgraded to Super Rank, and masters the final move after attaining Ultra Rank.

Name Summary Abilities Description


A female Goomba who studied at the University of Goom. She is the first character to join Mario after he defeats Lord Crump. She has the same ability to uncover an enemy's stats, much like how Goombario can. Headbonk

0 FP

Hits enemy twice.

0 FP

Analyzes enemy and reveals their HP and other statistics.

3 FP

Attacks enemy repeatedly for diminishing damage (minimum 1 per hit).
Rally Wink

4 FP

Gives Mario a 2nd turn, 4 FP.


A timid koopa who lives in Petalburg. To prove to Petalburg he is not a coward, he joins Mario's team to avenge the death of his father, Koopley. He has the same ability Kooper has outside of battle, using his shell toss move to flip switches, grab items and attack enemies with a slight upgrade--he can hold his shell at a distance and then fire it back in the opposite direction.After defeating Hooktail, he finds out that Koopley isn't dead after all, and he gives the heroes the Diamond Crystal Star. Shell Toss

0 FP

Attacks ground-bound enemy.
Power Shell

3 FP

Attacks all ground-bound enemies.
Shell Shield

4 FP

Calls a shell to protect Mario for a few turns.
Shell Slam

6 FP

Attacks all ground-bound enemies and penetrates their Defense.

Madame Flurrie

She can blow wind at enemies to make them dizzy and blow fake walls away, revealing secret passages. She is an actress, although when Mario meets her, she is on hiatus. She joins Mario after he returns her Necklace that Vivian accidentally picked up. Body Slam

0 FP

Attacks enemy.
Gale Force

4 FP

Blows weak enemies away.
Lip Lock

3 FP

Transfers enemy's HP to Flurrie's HP.
Dodgy Fog

4 FP

Makes Mario dodgy for a few turns so that attacks may miss him.


This baby Yoshi hatches from an egg rescued by Mario and friends. The player can press X to ride on his back like most Yoshis. He can run much faster than Mario can, and while he can't jump as high as Mario he can float in the air for a few moments to cover a greater distance and cross gaps; this is similar to Parakarry's ability from "Paper Mario". The Yoshi can be any of a variety of colors based on when he hatched. He allows Mario to name him. Ground Pound

0 FP

Attacks one enemy multiple times for 1 point of damage each.

4 FP

Swallows enemy and shoots it at enemy behind damaging both of them.

3 FP

Throws an amount of Yoshi Eggs at enemy which may shrink enemy.

6 FP

Calls herd of Yoshis to attack all enemies.


One of the Shadow Sirens. At first, she worked for Grodus, but joined Mario's team to help Mario get his name, body and teammates back, because Mario was kinder to her than her sisters. Since he was prevented from telling her who he was as a result of having his name stolen, she did not realize he was her enemy until their final confrontation with the thief even though he never lied to her. She retreated from battle upon this revelation, but quickly returned after deciding that Mario had earned her loyalty. She can pull the team into the shadows with her Veil technique, which is for all practical purposes identical to Lady Bow's Outta Sight move from Paper Mario. Shade Fist

0 FP

Punches an enemy and leaves it magically burned.

1 FP

Hides Mario and herself in the shadows to negate all damage next attack.
Fiery Jinx

6 FP

Attacks all enemies with fire penetrating their Defense and leaving them burned.

4 FP

Blows a kiss to enemies possibly confusing them.

Admiral Bobbery

A retired Bob-omb admiral who refused to help Mario reach Keelhaul Key, but decided to help him after Mario gave him his late wife's letter. After Mario saves him from Cortez's underlings and gives him Chuckola Cola, he joins Mario's team. He has the same ability Bombette has outside of battle: with his bomb attack, he can destroy fake walls, flip switches and attack enemies. However, he can be tossed upwards to walk on ledges. Bomb

0 FP

Attacks one ground-bound enemy.
Bomb Squad

3 FP

Fires three time bombs to explode on the next turn.
Hold Fast

4 FP

Damages all enemies that physically attack Bobbery.

9 FP

Powerfully bombs all enemies.

Ms. Mowz

A Little Mouser cat burglar/badge hunter and the manager of the Lovely Howz of Badges. Mario and his teammates cross paths with her at Hooktail Castle, the Great Boggly Tree, and the Glitz Pit Storeroom. She is an optional partner who joins Mario's team if he chooses to solve her trouble at the Trouble Center in Rogueport. To help her, Mario gets the Attack FX B badge in Hooktail's lair and gives it to Ms. Mowz.She can also seek out hidden items and penetrate enemies' defenses like Watt from the first "Paper Mario" did, although the specifics are considerably different. She is notably the first partner in the "Paper Mario" series who does not have to join Mario's party in order for him to complete his quest. Love Slap

0 FP

Attacks enemy and pierces their defense.
Kiss Thief

2 FP

Steals enemies' badges or items.

3 FP

Makes enemies Dizzy.

10 FP

If successful, Mario recovers up to 10 HP.


This article or section is under construction. Therefore, please excuse its informal appearance while it's being worked on. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible. Items are objects that help Mario and his partners on his journey. Most of them change and heal his stats such as Heart Points, Flower Points, Attack, Defense, and Status Ailments, but some damage the enemy and/or give them status ailments. Mario may hold on to 10 items on his body but he can store 31 items at any Item Shop and withdraw them at any time there. The amount of items Mario can hold will be doubled after he collects the Special Item Strange Sack. Following is a list of items:

Regular ItemsEdit

Important ItemsEdit

Crystal StarsEdit

Crystal Star Location Guarded By Power
Diamond Star

Hooktail Castle Hooktail Earth Tremor
Emerald Star

The Great Tree Originally no one, Magnus von Grapple Clock Out
Gold Star

Glitz Pit Macho Grubba Power Lift
Ruby Star

Creepy Steeple Doopliss Art Attack
Sapphire Star

Pirate's Grotto Cortez Sweet Feast
Garnet Star

Poshley Sanctum No one, although Smorg must be battled to get it. Showstopper
Crystal Star

X-Naut Fortress, originally in Rogueport Possibly originally no one, Magnus von Grapple 2.0 Supernova

Special MovesEdit

Sweet TreatEdit

  • Crystal Star Required: Magical Map
  • Description: Replenishes up to 7 HP for both party members and 8 FP, as well as curing all status effects.
  • Star Power Needed: 1

Earth TremorEdit

  • Crystal Star Required: Diamond Star
  • Description: If successful, this power creates an earthquake that can do up to 6 damage against all enemies.
  • Star Power Needed: 2

Clock OutEdit

  • Crystal Star Required: Emerald Star
  • Description: If successful, immobilizes all enemies temporarily.
  • Star Power Needed: 2

Power LiftEdit

  • Crystal Star Required: Gold Star
  • Description: Boosts attack and defense power for a short time for both party members.
  • Star Power Needed: 3

Art AttackEdit

  • Crystal Star Required: Ruby Star
  • Description: Any amount of damage can be done depending on how many times the player encircles around the enemies
  • Star Power Needed: 4

Sweet FeastEdit

  • Crystal Star Required: Sapphire Star
  • Description: Much like Sweet Treat, the player will replenish up to 24 HP for each party member and 24 FP.
  • Star Power Needed: 5


  • Crystal Star Required: Garnet Star
  • Description: If successful, destroys enemies in a single blow. NOTE: Does not work on enemies with more than 12 HP, mini-bosses and bosses.
  • Star Power Needed: 2


  • Crystal Star Required: Crystal Star
  • Description: Does up to 15 damage to all enemies, 3 each time the player fills the gauge.
  • Star Power Needed: 6


Badges are what Mario may need throughout the game. They can be purchased at the Lovely Howz or by Charlieton, traded for Star Pieces by Dazzle, won at the Pianta Parlor or found in one of the places Mario and company visit. The blocks in which badges are found in the field are red in color, unlike normal item blocks which are yellow.

When leveling up, Mario can gain Badge Points (BP) which allow him to use badges he has already found. Some of the badges add new Jump or Hammer moves to Mario's commands during battle and other new abilities.

Badges can also affect Mario and his partners outside of battles. After the battle certain badges can increase the amount of points defeated enemies leave. Enemies might also carry badges in battle, which only Ms. Mowz can steal right away, and there's a likeliness that they might leave them when they're defeated.

Two special badges, the W Emblem and the L Emblem, can change Mario's clothing. With the W Emblem, Mario gets Wario's clothing, with the L Emblem, he gets Luigi's clothing, and with both Emblems combined, he gets Waluigi's clothing.

If multiple copies of the same jump or hammer badge are worn at once, the FP requirements will increase, but so will the attack power.

All badges found in RPGs like Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door are listed here in detail.

Bestiary (Tattle Log)Edit

See the Bestiary for a list of all enemies found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, as well as Tattle information provided by Goombella. See the below section for a list of bosses.

Trouble Center Side QuestsEdit

Main article: Trouble Center

In Rogueport there's a "Trouble Center" which offers the citizens' troubles for Mario to solve. An anonymous quest comes from Ms. Mowz and requires Mario to find a badge she is looking for but can not find. Only then she joins Mario's team.


Yellow signifies chapter bosses.

Whereabouts Name HP Attack Defense Special Attack Location
Prologue Lord Crump (1) 5 1 0 none Rogueport
Gus 20 3 0 Spear Throw (3) Rogueport
Blooper 12 1 0 Ink (1 x 2) Rogueport Sewers
Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon Gold Fuzzy &

Fuzzy Horde

10 1 0 Call Fuzzy Horde Shwonk Fortress
20 1 (per fuzzy that attacks) 0 none Shwonk Fortress
Red Bones, Four Dull Bones 5, 1 (each) 3, 2 (each) 1, 1 (each) Rebuild & Revive, Rebuild Hooktail's Castle
Hooktail 20 (+10) 5 1 Trick (5), HP Recover (+10HP) Hooktail's Castle
Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree Vivian &

Marilyn (1) & Beldam (1)

10 1 0 Burn (1 x 2) Boggly Woods
12 2 0 Charge (+2 Attack Power) Boggly Woods
9 1 0 Various Magic Boggly Woods
Magnus von Grapple (Lord Crump) 30 2 1 X-Fist (5), Earthquake (2 x 2) The Great Tree
Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory Armored Harriers (Two Iron Clefts) 6 (each) 4 (each) ??? (each) none Glitz Pit
Bowser (1) 30 3 1 Ground Pound (3, lose an attack) Glitz Pit
Rawk Hawk 40 4 0 (1 according to Tattle Log) Air Attack (4), Super Slide (6), Falling Hazard (1 x 12) Glitz Pit
Macho Grubba 60 4 0 Various "Macho" Upgrades Glitz Pit
Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls Atomic Boo (optional) 40 4 0 Confuse, Immobilize, Invisible Creepy Steeple
????? (aka Doopliss) - (1) 40 4 0 Doppelgänger Creepy Steeple
Doopliss (2 - Fight with Partners) 40 4 0 Doppelgänger, Partner Attack (Each deals damage present to current Shine Sprite standards), Partner Swap (After partner dies) Creepy Steeple
Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates Three Embers 8 (each) 3 (each) 0(each) Burn Keelhaul Key
Cortez 20 x 3 4 1 Charge (+4 Attack Power), Haunted Weapons (4 x 4), Poison Hook (4, poison) Pirate's Grotto
Chapter Intermission Lord Crump (2), X-Nauts 30, 6/10 3, 5 0, 0 Call X-Nauts & HP Recover X-Ship/Black Skull
Chapter 6: Three Days of Excess Smorg 50 5 1 Grope (10 x 2) Excess Express
Chapter 7: Mario Shoots the Moon Two Elite X-Nauts 10 (each) 5 (each) 1 (each) Huge, HP Recover, Dodgy X-Naut Fortress
Magnus von Grapple 2.0 (Lord Crump) 70 6 2 Flying X (6 x 2), X-Punch (9 x 2), Machine Gun (3 x 10) X-Naut Fortress
Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year Door Dark Bones, Four Dry Bones 20, 8 (each) 5, 5 (each) 2, 2 (each) Rebuild & Revive, Rebuild & Revive (each) Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
Gloomtail 80 8 2 Poison, Megabreath (16) Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
Doopliss (3) &

Marilyn (2) & Beldam (2)

40 6 0 Doppelgänger Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
40 7 0 Charge (+7 Attack Power) Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
30 5 0 More Various Magic Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
Sir Grodus &

Four Grodus Xs

50 7 1 Various Magic Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
3 (each) 4 (each) 0 (each) Increase Grodus' Defense, Make Grodus Invincible, Ice Beam, Fire Beam Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
Bowser (2) &

Kammy Koopa

70 7 2 Ground Pound (7, player temporarily loses an option such as Items or Jump), Burn, Poison Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
50 5 0 Various Magic Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
Shadow Queen (Final Boss) 150 7 1 Various Severely Dangerous Magic Palace of Shadow/The Thousand Year Door
Pit of 100 Trials Bonetail (optional) 200 8 2 Various Severely Dangerous Magic Pit of 100 Trials

The Pit of 100 TrialsEdit

[56][57]Mario confronting Bonetail.The Pit of 100 Trials is an optional challenge. Before or after saving the world, Mario can take on the enemies found in the 100-basement floor area known as the Pit of 100 Trials. The enemies located on levels 50-99 are especially strong. Upon reaching floor 100, Mario gazed up at Bonetail, the long-lost relative of Hooktail and Gloomtail. After defeating Bonetail, Mario receives the Return Postage Badge.


There are many similarities between the original Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, including:

  • The opening is identical to that of the previous game, right down to Parakarry delivering a letter from Princess Peach.
  • The first partner of both games is a Goomba that will give Mario hints on both enemies and the area. They both have headbonk, tattle, and multi-bonk as attacks.
  • The second partner of both games is a Koopa Troopa. Both will be able to be shot out to hit switches, etc. Both of them are also able to use Shell Toss and Power Shell in battle.
  • Both games have partners obtained in Chapter 3 that have first and last attacks that deal several, low power damage. Bow with her Fan attacks and Yoshi Kid with his ground pound and Stampede attacks.
  • The fourth partner of each game will allow the player to travel across gaps, Parakarry and Yoshi, respectively.
  • Both games have a Bob-omb as a partner, both are able to destroy cracked surfaces, Bombette and Bobbery, respectively.
  • Both games have a partner that allows Mario to become invisible to enemies, Bow and Vivian, respectively.
  • Both games have a partner who is able to uncover hidden items, and whose basic attack pierces through defense.
  • Both games have a partner who has betrayed an enemy to join Mario's party, Lakilester and Vivian, respectively.
  • The main plot point of both games is to find seven stars.
  • In both games the player is able to play as Peach between chapters. The player is required to dress Peach up as an enemy to learn secrets. Also, the player can cook something in both games. In TTYD, Bowser's side-quest is separated from Peach's, as he is not the one who kidnapped her.
  • As with the first Paper Mario game, a main antagonist sees Peach disguised as a minion, and remarkes on how she smells "too nice".
  • Mario and Peach contact each other using friendly characters in both games. Twink helped in Paper Mario and TEC in The Thousand-Year Door. In the end, both Twink and TEC develop feelings for Peach.
  • Mario must solve a mystery in both games. A Bumptie is Mario's fellow detective in both.
  • In one point of the games, Mario falls for a ploy created by the boss of the level which led him to be confined in a cage. A ? block in Paper Mario, and a fake puni pedestal in The Thousand-Year Door.
  • Chapter 1 in both games features a castle/fortress as the location of the boss.
  • The partner acquired in Chapter 2 in both games required Mario to bring him or her an item.
  • An oversized Clubba is the boss of Chapter 3 in both games, and both have a secret that involves making themselves powerful.
  • In both games, at one point, Mario has to chase the Chapter 3 bosses (Grubba and Tubba's Heart).
  • Moustafa and Flavio both give the player stones needed to reach an ancient, rumored to be haunted, place. Also both of the ghost bosses (Tutankoopa and Cortez) try to intimidate Mario by uttering threats as he progresses through the level.
  • Buying a Dried Shroom and another certain item along with it was a secret sign in both games that was required to reach Moustafa and Don Pianta.
  • Chapter 5 takes place on a tropical island with coconuts in both games and both involve an expedition. Also, in both games this is when Mario's oldest partner joins him, and they both have to be rescued from being stuck in a tree before they do so.
  • The Chapter 5 bosses, Lava Piranha and Cortez, are similar as Cortez's spine in his first form and Lava Piranha's stem are in the exact same position, and both of them have multiple forms, each with the same amount of HP.
  • In both games, Princess Peach must make something. Also, in both games, if she makes a mistake in the directions of making it, it will come out wrong (Making a cake for Gourmet Guy and making the invisibility potion)
  • After the battle against Cortez was over, one of the Toad sailors will tell everyone that he feels a "slight wind" coming from the cracked wall, just as Misstar did in the first one. Also, the Bob-omb partner of both games is needed to blow that up. Also, the most frequently fought boss of both games conveniently show up after Chapter 5 is completed.
  • Chapter 6 takes place in a beautiful area and has a boss that can do a very high amount of damage when charged up: 16 for Huff N. Puff, 10 for Smorg. Also, both are blob-shaped and made up of a smaller species. Additionally, Ruff Puffs appear in the sixth chapter of both games.
  • Chapter 7 features a snowy region.
  • Chapter 8 includes a battle against Bowser before the final battle. Also, Kammy Koopa is fought in both chapters.
  • The main villain of both games (which have kidnapped Peach) had to be chased through long stairways in the eighth chapter of both games.
  • Mario's final battle is divided into multiple parts. At one point, each boss is invincible and Peach plays an integral role in negating that invincibility.
  • Peach conveniently gets taken away in both games right before Mario and company reach the hideaways of the games' main antagonists.
  • In both games, there is a scene where Mario can turn into 8-bit Mario with Super Mario Bros. music playing.
  • Both games have Merlon standing outside his house, waiting for Mario and his partners to show up, where he'll tell them about a dream that he had, and will tell them to let him know if they find out the meaning of it.
  • Both games have a spike room where Bow's Outta Sight or Vivian's Veil must be used, and the position of the paths across the spikes are identical.
  • Both games feature a boss who poses a threat by eating people (Tubba Blubba and Hooktail), and both of these bosses have a secret weakness.
  • Both games include a test during the Chapter 5 interlude that Princess Peach has to take and has information that will help Mario in the future.
  • Both games end with a parade led by Luigi (though in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door it's not really a parade, and is mainly a line of all the character's shadows used as a way to show everyone).

References to Other GamesEdit

  • Super Mario Bros.: At the X-Naut Fortress in the Changing Room, Mario and Co. can change into an 8-bit sprite of themselves, along with the Super Mario Bros. music playing in the background. Hamma also mentioned that his grandfather was at World 7-1. Bowser's gameplay is also a direct parody of this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Whenever Jolene (while under the alias of "X") sent Mario an e-mail, the Ice Land map screen theme would play. This game also included Boomerang Bros., Fire Bros., and Boos, which originated from this game. Bowser's theme song is a remix of the background music that plays in castle levels.
  • Super Mario World: Whenever Peach sends Mario an e-mail, the title screen theme would play. Whenever Mario gets an e-mail from other people, part of the epilogue theme (from when a Koopaling castle is beaten) will play. When Mario wins a battle, the "level clear" sound will play.
  • Super Mario 64: In the first Princess Peach interlude, Peach is singing the Inside the Castle Walls theme from this game when she is in the shower.
  • Paper Mario: Parakarry makes a brief cameo at the beginning of the game, and delivers a letter to Mario from Peach, just like the previous game. Lady Bow also makes a cameo appearance, and makes a direct reference to Boo's Mansion, as well as the adventure they had. There is also a random Toad at the Excess Express (after Chapter 6 is completed) that will ask Mario a quiz question, ("What did Bowser steal in the first Paper Mario?"), and the answer is, "Star Rod". The video game-obsessed Toad kid from Petalburg also mentions that he's been playing the game, describing Bow as the "cutest Boo of ALL TIME!!!" Jr. Troopa also appears in the background in the picture that Zip Toad attached to his e-mail. Gulpits are also given a reference when Grubba exclaims, "GREAT-GALLOPIN' GULPITS!". A Ratooey at Rogueport Harbor who went on a quest for oil in Dry Dry Desert can tell Mario about this adventures at the end of the game. Every part is a chapter of Paper Mario game.
  • Mario Kart: During one of Luigi's stories, he tells Mario he had to sign up for a Kart race, and mentions he had driven karts before, giving reference to the Mario Kart series
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: Chuckola Cola is an item in this game, referring to the game it has been appeared first. Flavio resembles the Beanbean Kingdom residents, and also carried a bottle of Chuckola Cola with him. Also, two characters named Podley and Podler, are from the Beanish species. Also, the "Super-Guarding" ability was likely inspired by the ability to counter enemies' attacks in Superstar Saga.
  • Luigi's Mansion : Occasionally, Luigi will have the Poltergust 3000 on his back when in the audience. This does not affect anything, though. A crow in Twilight Town also says he will set up an estate pay site named Luigi's Mansion, and his crow friend says that "he's heard that name somewhere before", a reference to this game. Another reference is when Mario releases the Boos in Creepy Steeple. One of the Boos asks how many Boos just came from the box, and one of the answers Mario can give is 50. 50 is the total number of Boos that are released by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion.
  • Super Paper Mario: This game is aluded to by a video game-obsessed Toad in Petalburg. At the end of the game, he'll state that he's been playing "the new Paper Mario game", and that it will be pleasing to fans of Luigi, which hints that the game was already in production and/or planning stages at the time Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was in development. Super Paper Mario was released in 2007.

References in Later GamesEdit

  • Super Paper Mario: All seven partners from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door make cameo appearances as Catch Cards that are won by completing the Duel of 100 at Sammer's Kingdom. Francis also has plush toys of the Yoshi (in all colors), Vivian, Bobbery, and Pennington, along with a poster of Petuni. In Francis' list of things to buy, Rawk Hawk was given a reference when he stated that he wants a DVD called, "Harder than Bedrawk: The Rawk Hawk Story". Francis also stated that he wants a Ms. Mowz doll with "real-smooching action", an Excess Express train set, and a Magnus von Grapple action figure. Francis also happens to watch "Starship X-Naut" and "The Grodus Chronicles". Also, Fracktail and Wracktail, themselves are homages to Hooktail and Bonetail. Additonally, there is also a Sammer Guy who calls himself "Laughing X-Naut" and another who calls himself "The Thousand Year Roar". Lastly, Slim's ability to make Mario, Peach, Bowser, or Luigi thin is a reference to the second curse in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Goombella, Yoshi, Vivian, and Rawk Hawk appear as Stickers. Goombella also has her own trophy. Also, the words, "CRUMP" and "RAWK" appear in the random name selection, which are possible references to Lord Crump and Rawk Hawk.